Tournaments BW PU Open - Finals [Won by Feaniix]

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This is a standard BW PU tournament hosted by Zoyotte
See the BW PU thread for more information and resources, such as sample teams and viability rankings.
This tournament is single elimination.
Rounds will be best-of-3. Players may switch teams in between rounds and battles of the same set.
Matches will be played on Pokémon Showdown.
Replays must be saved and posted in the thread. Any match win reported without replays will not be counted. This is your only warning.
General tournament rules and regulations can be found here. A scheduling guide can be found here.
This tournament is part of BW Grand Slam.

Round 1 - Bracket
Bella  vs  Baddy
Stampi  vs  zben [DNP*]
Taka  vs  sleid
B1Kharma  vs  BloodAce
Bag of Trixx  vs  Rewer [DNP*]
iriomemdc  vs  feen [DNP*]
skrimps  vs  Valerie
des121  vs  kimerCat [DNP*]
Banbadoro  vs  LpZ
triple axel blaze  vs  Mister McLovin
Gamer1234556  vs  havocknight [DNP*]
TakingNotesKinda  vs  mentalsoft [DNP*]
AngryPidgeon  vs  lemonademaker
roxie  vs  MZ
A Welcome Guest  vs  Monai
Aurist  vs  cherif18
Drud  vs  Quarante8
GabrieLopez  vs  bydy
Tack  vs  Elvira
Feaniix  vs  Charliezard7
fish anemometer  vs  Astrø [DNP*]
Hubriz  vs  Kaboom
Royal5888  vs  Cielau
mkizzy  vs  TomatoZause
Don Bork  vs  Bye 2 [DNP*]
Medeia  vs  Bye 3 [DNP*]
seroo  vs  Bye 4 [DNP*]
BeatsBlack  vs  Bye 5 [DNP*]
dawn to the dusk  vs  Bye 6 [DNP*]
sugar ovens  vs  Bye 7 [DNP*]
Oathkeeper  vs  Bye 8 [DNP*]

Deadline April 14th 11:59 PM -4 , extensions to Wednesday 11:59 PM -4
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